Heart Disease Combo - Prevention, Detection, Treatment Combo

Heart Disease - Prevention, Detection and Treatment DVD Combo Set - 5 DVDs total. Get the tools that will give you the tools to help you and your family deal with heart disease.
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More than 71.3 million Americans have one or more types of cardiovascular disease (CVD), according to the American Heart Association. CVD claims more lives each year than the next four leading causes of death combined. Nearly seven million inpatient cardiovascular operations and procedures are performed in the US each year.

Heart Disease – Prevention DVD is a two DVD set more than 2 hours in length that will give you the tools to help you in your family prevent heart disease. Interventional cardiologists and other healthcare professionals explain what risk factors are including family history, obesity, high blood pressure, smoking, and high cholesterol. Heart Disease – Prevention DVD also explains the effect of your lifestyle on preventing heart disease. Other subjects include diet and exercise, fast food, eating habits, exercise, and the lifestyle of your children. Heart disease can begin at a very early age and the more you know about preventing heart disease, the longer healthier life you will live.

Heart Disease - Detection DVD will inform you on what diagnostic tests are available to discuss with your health care providerand will inform who and at what age people should be tested for Heart Disease. Interventional cardiologist Dr. Nelson Trujillo and other healthcare professionals explain tests ranging from blood tests, to calcium scoring for people with and without risk factors for Heart Disease. Many of those interviewed lead healthy, active lives with no risk factors until an unexpected heart attack occurred with no warning signs.

Heart Disease - Treatment DVD takes the viewer from pre-hospital care to the emergency room, cardiac catheterization lab, and to the open heart surgery suite.

Cardiac stenting, pacemaker and implantable defibrillator procedures, along with by-pass and valve replacement surgery, are shown. A “From the Heart” section explores the wisdom from both patients and medical professionals.  Watch actual stent, implantable debrillator, and pacemaker procedures, plus cardiac bypass and valve replacement surgery. The 2 DVD set has most common heart procedures explained by cardiac surgeons and interventional cardiologists. Every person is different; some don't want to see an actual surgery while others are interested in what the procedure involves. A medically graphic and non-graphic option is available on this award-winning DVD set.

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