Pet Emergency First Aid: Working Dogs DVD

Pet Emergency First Aid: Working Dogs will give you the confidence to provide your working dog or pet with life saving first aid procedures. Contains more in depth information than our Dog First Aid DVD. DVD contains 38 chapters of information.
103 minutes
Sales price: $39.95
Sales price: $39.95




Length: 103 Minutes

If you own a dog, working, service or a pet this new K-9 first aid DVD is for you. The updated first aid instruction has many new topics for working, hunting, and family dogs. You will learn the latest information about poisons, heart problems, bloat & torsion, new CPR standards based on the American Heart Association's new CPR guidelines, and much, much more. If you a working dog handler in law enforcement, the military, search & rescue, hunter, camper, or a pet owner this new program will give you knowledge to treat and be aware of medical problems and first aid techniques for your dog. The "Tribute to Working Dogs" section shows the role working dogs had searching at Ground Zero during 9/11, searching disaster scenes, looking for lost people, guarding our borders, and working with law enforcement. Working dogs featured are from small Beagles, large German Shepherds, and shelter dogs at work both at home, worldwide disaster scenes and in war zones. If you are thinking of getting a dog, the first aid information will save you many times the cost of the DVD in veterinarian bills and could save your dog's life. The latest information about poisons from the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center will give you the knowledge of what foods and other products to keep away from your dog. Such items as sugarless gum to dark chocolate can be deadly for your pet. Watch a dog  with heart problems receive a pacemaker, view heart worms inside of a dog's heart. If you are a hunter, camper, or working dog handler you will learn about dehydration, and many more topics that will help you keep your dog safe and healthy. If you have children, the "Happy Dogs" section will show dogs at play. This working dog first aid DVD could be one of the most important DVDs in your collection.

Many of the search and rescue dogs that appear in this video have been deployed to disasters around the world to search for victims.

The new instructional section has 36 chapters of important first aid information. The Bonus Section contains Introduction to Working Dogs, Tribute to Working Dogs (including 9/11), and Happy Dogs. This DVD is for you and your entire family. This video makes a great public relations tool for law enforcement and military working dog handlers. The DVD is intended to give all dog owners vital first aid information whether you are a pet owner, working dogs handler, hunter, or service dogs owner.

Working Dog Emergency First Aid will give you the confidence to treat your dog for common medical emergencies before you can get your animal to veterinary assistance. The program is for all dogs from working military, law enforcement, search and rescue,  security, service, guard dogs to dogs for hunters, campers, hikers, and families. Dogs are injured whether on the job or in your backyard. Knowing what to do and what signs and symptoms to look for could save your dog's life. The poison section has been contains the latest information on new dangers including some popular brands of sugarless gum and sugar substitutes found in baked goods. Chocolate, grapes, and onions can also be deadly for dogs. 

Many deep chested dogs gulp water and food too fast resulting in bloat. If not treated immediately bloat can progress to torsion which can be deadly for your dog. Would you be able to recognize the signs and symptoms for bloat and torsion? Your dog's life could depend on your quick action. 

{tab=Chapters} 103 minutes

  1. High Tech Veterinary Treatment
  2. First Aid Kit
  3. Standard Precautions
  4. What is Normal for My Dog
  5. Scene Safety
  6. Muzzle
  7. C-A-B's
  8. Rescue Breathing
  9. CPR (latest AHA standards)
  10. Choking
  11. Drowning
  12. Mechanism of Injury
  13. Spinal Injuries
  14. Fractures
  15. Wounds
  16. Evisceration
  17. Gunshot Wounds
  18. Penetrating Chest Wounds
  19. Embedded Objects
  1. Shock
  2. Car Accidents
  3. Poisoning (latest information from ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center)
  4. Snakebites
  5. Spider Bites
  6. Insect Stings
  7. Hypothermia / Frostbite
  8. Burns
  9. Chemical Burns
  10. Dehydration
  11. Heat Stroke
  12. Bloat/ Torsion
  13. Electric Shock
  14. Eye Injuries
  15. Foot Injuries
  16. Ears
  17. Heart Worms
  18. Heart Problems
  19. Seizures

{tab=Bonus Section}

Introduction to Working Dogs, Tribute to Working Dogs and Happy Dogs.

Program features working dogs from small Beagles to large German Shepherds guarding borders, searching for lost people, working with law enforcement, guarding homes and businesses and searching for explosives .

This program is a must for all dog handlers and pet owners. The very latest veterinary medical information including dogs cardiac procedures such as pacemakers, preventive treatment for bloat/ torsion, and first aid treatment are included. The Working Dog program is ideal educational DVD for pet first aid classes, schools, libraries, and makes an ideal public relations tool for law enforcement and search and rescue groups. Working Dog Emergency First Aid  is currently being used by the military, law enforcement, search and rescue groups, hunters, campers, first aid classes, and schools and libraries. This program is for ALL dogs owners. The program could save your dogs life and save you many hundreds of dollars in medical expenses.

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Quantity Discounts are available for working dog first aid courses, law enforcement, military, and search and rescue programs. Call for details.


Video Librarian Magazine

"Reminding viewers that the steps taken during the first few minutes following an injury can make a big difference, Pet Emergency First Aid—Dogs provides detailed examples of first aid techniques designed to be used on dogs before they receive professional care. From adding veterinarians to your cell phone contacts to keeping handy first aid kits at home and in the car (with gauze, dressings, ointment, scissors, and more), the program serves up numerous tips along with dramatic scenarios coupled with instructions for handling injuries and situations including choking, fractures, bites and stings, electric shock, seizures, and ear, heart, or foot problems, among others (such as gunshot wounds). Also featuring a clip montage of animals trained for jobs or searching, this informative, potentially life-saving guide for canine owners is highly recommended.

Library Journal- American Library Assoc.

"Dog owners will welcome this thorough first aid guide for canines. The program covers many first aid issues, starting with an overview of normal canine behavior, before moving on to such emergencies as choking, drowning, gunshot wounds, shock, fractures, poisons, car accidents, dehydration, burns, heart problems, seizures, bloating, and much more. The program demonstrates CPR through use of a dog model and shows how to take canine temperatures and test for vital signs."